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BKK Splitring-51

BKK Splitrings-51 are designed to cover various kinds of fishing applications, ranging from lure casting in freshwater to deep sea jigging. BKK carried out extensive research to obtain a stainless-steel material that provides the right combination of strength and saltwater corrosion resistance. Besides, the accurate tempering and forging processes further enhance the robustness, resilience and elasticity of the split ring, making it more durable. Finally, BKK adopts a two-stage polishing process (grinding and chemical polishing) that–combined with a round-edge design-helps to eliminate line damage and abrasion-related issues

Available in sizes #7-#9
#6 is 9mm
#7 is 10.5mm
#8 is 12mm
#9 is 14mm

Price per pack

BKK Splitring-51 are sold per pack with following quantities of splitrings per size per pack:
#6 – 16pc
#7 – 14pc
#8 – 12pc
#9 – 10pc

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#7, #8, #9, #6