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‘Burglar’ by Jims Baits (SE)

Exclusive launch of the ‘Burglar’ at House of Lures! Each ‘Burglar’ is signed HoL. Total Length with tail 27 cm – Weight 240 gram – Spare tail included

Medium sinking. Type tailbait. Slow retrieve.

A brand-new tailbait by Jims Baits for casting and trolling for big pike!

In the name of go big or go home, Jims Baits have been developing a new tailbait called the ‘Burglar’. With its 27cm and 240g this is not a toy for boys, but an absolute big fish bait for real men who want to target BIG PIKE!
Cast or troll this ‘Burglar’ on a slow pace and you will bring out a fantastic wobble and kicking tail irresistible to pike.
Thanks to its medium sinking balance you can also present and fish this ‘Burglar’ at any depth you wish. For deep trolling we advise to add an extra weight in front to bring it even deeper.

This ‘Burglar’ has a built in magnet to hold the front hook in place on the body and prevent it from tangling with the leader. Also is it finished with a custom paddletail from Friskytts Beten & OK Beten. Each ‘Burglar’ will come directly with a spare tail included!

All ‘Burglar’ are painted with sponge and brush in the typical Jims Baits style and custom made pop-out eyes.

After developing and testing the ‘Burglar’ Jim gave us at HoL the opportunity to be the very first place where his new and special tailbait is launched. In our shop you find now the very first batch of the ‘Burglar’ ever made for sale and each ‘Burglar’ is signed with HoL on the back. Not only are we bringing you an exclusive premiere here, but having our own initials the entire very first batch as well, make these ‘Burglar’ tailbaits extra special!

Available in a 9 different custom colors.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 4/0.
Leader advice: any leader.

Check out the action here:

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Green Perch, Headlight, Toxic Baitfish, Black Pike, Blue Belly, Bright Yellow Baitfish, Copperhead, Purple Belly, Red Belly