Fighting Bream




Fighting Bream by Lotus Baits (SE)

Length body 13 cm – Weight 88 gram – With hard rattle.

Slow sink. Full wooden body jerkbait/Swimbait. Exceptional top quality UV paintjob by the builder. Runs around 1m deep.

For all creations from Lotus Baits action is the foundation and this fighting bream is no different. When you retrieve, do it fast or slow, twitch or rip it, this swimbait seems to be fighting for its life, hence the name. And let’s be honest, which pike doesn’t get triggered by a panicking and fighting baitfish!

Extremely easy bait to fish due to the many possibilities and action is achieved with minimal effort!

Diving depth up to 1m or more if you let it sink. Best fished over shallow water (1-5m) and weedbeds.

Delivered without hooks. Hook advice 1/0-2/0.

Leader advice: All types.

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Brown Orange baitfish, Carp, Chartreuse Frog, Evil Eyed Walley, Fire Tiger, Green Perch, Hungover Zander, Lysröret, Mälar Braxen, Orange Tiger, Purple Blue Baitfish, Red Dead Tiger, Sunny Bream, Sunny Perch