Herminator Twitch (Shallow)




‘Herminator Twitch (Shallow)’ by Dekker Custom Baits (NL)

Length body 17 cm – with lip 20cm –  Weight 80 gram

Floating. Type: Crankbait.

The ‘Herminator Twitch’, designed with the body of the Famous ‘Herminator Deep’ for trolling, is a new and special casting crankbait by DCB, ideal to fish the shallow and weedy areas around your lake. Thanks to the big and wide lip this crankbait shakes and pounds its way forward, attracting the attention of every pike. Fish the ‘Herminator Twitch’ with short pulls, strikes and pauses…and remember to hold on to your rod as this is one deadly presentation for big pikes!
Running depth around 1-2 m when twitched. Also suitable for trolling (running depth 2-3 m).
This  ‘Herminator Twitch’ crankbait is a new lure has proven while testing that this is one special bait and an absolute must-have in your tacklebox!

The ‘Herminator Twitch’ is, just like all baits by DCB, executed in his very recognizable style, high quality finish and absolutely irresistible to pike!

Available in a 3 different custom colors and very limited quantities.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0 – 3/0
Leader advice: All leadertypes.


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