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Handmade specialist rod for trolling big baits and catching big pike!
Through custom rod builder JVS Rods we offer a very special trolling rod in 2 casting weights (160g and 250g) for your big pike fishing! Fast parabolic action with a remaining sensitivity in the top, this powerhouse of 2.70m (9ft) length can easily troll all your big baits and fight the biggest pikes in the lake. It’s not only super strong, but also forgiving when the pike stops the lure and fights to the extreme. Thanks to the carefully selected blanks, your very own chosen customization and the professionalism in building by JVS Rods you will have a unique and exceptional rod for life! Chose the exact finishes from grip to guides, colors, logos and texts.

The ‘Luck of the Irish 9ft 250g’ is ideal for trolling your biggest rubber, swimbaits and big/deep crankbaits. Also suitable for speedtrolling.
The name ‘Luck of the Irish’ was chosen as this specific rod was heavily tested and approved on the biggest loughs in Ireland.

These are the possible options you can chose:

1. CASTING WEIGHT: BLANKS Luck of the Irish 2.70m – 9ft
Blank 250g :TAC (DE)
 – Incredibly fast blank due to the asymmetrically distributed carbon. Ideal properties to fight the biggest pike. The relatively sensitive tip is ideally matched to the very fast mid section. The extra reinforcement by the woven carbon fabric gives this blank an enormous strength and classy outlook.

You can chose between EVA Duplon or Cork finish for the grip of your rod.

You can chose between standard FUJI (colour ‘ashgrey’) or Aluminium ALPS (color ‘gunsmoke’) reel fitting


You can chose between Gunsmoke or color for the cone and checks on top and bottom of the grip. Gunsmoke is often the most chosen option as this gives the rod a classy look and combines beautifully with the reel fitting. In case wish to have the cone and check in color, including black, the most chosen option is to go with the same color as the binding on the eyes. Gunsmoke comes standard at no extra cost, color has a fixed added pricing. This will be confirmed after you place your order.


5. EYES (10pc)
Delta Guided Eyes – snagless (American Tackle) (standard) : Super strong high quality eyes that are positioned at an 12-15° degree angle to the rod. Especially when casting this design avoids any tangling of line around the eyes. Matte finish.
Salvo Guided Eyes : World wide known top quality guided eyes. The Salvo guided eyes stand straight on the rod.

You can chose whatever color bindings you like on the rod, even different colors at once. This feature comes at no charge.

7. LOGO 1 + 8. TEXT  –  Logo/decal and text (standard)

Above the grip the builder will add any logo/decal and/or text you wish. You want your own name, a flag, a picture, ‘specially made for’ or anything else on it. Send us the decal/logo/picture in PNG to us and our builder will do the rest. Text can be added as pleased. This is included in the base price of any custom rod. Limited to 1 logo or decal and text. Extra logos/decals are optional (See Logo 2). For these specific details we will contact you to discuss details for approval after you place your order.


9. LOGO 2 – Extra logos/decals/Text
More logos/decals and special text can be added above the grip on top of the included ‘Logo 1 + Text’ as well as a logo/decal/text at the connection of the 2 pieces. This is optional. Send us the decal/logo/picture in PNG and text to us and our builder will do the rest.
There is no limit to the amount of extra logos/decals/texts you wish to add and comes at a fixed cost of 5,- euro per rod. For these specific details we will contact you to discuss details for approval after you place your order.


– Casting weight: 250g – Blank American Tackle
– Grip: EVA Duplon
– Reel fitting: Fuji  (ashgrey)
– Cone & Check: Aluminum
– Eyes : Delta Guided eyes – snagless
– Logo/Decal/Text above grip
– Color Bindings: Black
– included with every rod: Velvet Holldal for storage and transport

Every rod is build on demand and finished in 27 different steps. Leadtime approx. 1 month.When you place an order we will contact you to go over all details, adjustments can be made before the build.
Additional shipping +35,- euro with UPS within Europe/GB included in calculated price. Shipping direct from JVS to you in a tube with tracking. At check out standard shipping is calculated based on country and has to be paid.

Additional information

1. Casting weight

TAC (DE) 250g

2. Grip

EVA Duplon, Cork

3. Reel Fitting

FUJI standard (ashgrey), ALPS Aluminium (gunsmoke)

4. Cone & Check

Gunsmoke, Color

5. Eyes

Delta guided eyes – Snagless, Salvo guided eyes

6. Color bindings

White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Brown, Grey, Pink, Gold, Silver, Fluo Yellow, Fluo Red, Fluo Orange, Other

7. Logo 1 (above grip - Included)

Yes, No

8. Text (above grip - Included))

Special build for, Special made for, Custom build for, Made for, Other, *No text

9. Logo 2

Yes, No