Real Wood Wide Glide – CN Lures (BE)


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Real Wood Wide Glide’ by CN-Lures (B)

Length body 15.5 cm – Length with tail 26cm – Weight 105 gram

Super slow sink. Full wooden body jerkbait with twister tail. Exceptional top quality Fire Tiger paintjob by the builder. Runs 0.5-1m deep.

There is a reason this bad boy is called a wide glide. The added twister tail will provide this lure with the extra vibration upon every movement. This Real Wood Wide Glide will easily slide over 50cm left and right, covering a large area of water when fishing it. Because of its delicate balanced execution this is a brilliant bait to not just jerk, but also pause during the retrieve. It will practically sit still, which will provide the pike with the perfect opportunity to attack!

Diving depth 0.5-1m. Best fished over shallow water and weedbeds but thanks to the bigger profile for a jerkbait also suitable for deeper water. When the pikes see this, they will come up to grab it.

Delivered with hooks.