Talon Tail




Talon Tail by Lotus Baits (SE)

Length body 10 cm – Length with tail 32 cm- Weight 100 gram

Slow sink or suspending, depending on hook size and brand. Full wooden body tailbait with extra large twister tail. Exceptional top quality UV paintjob by the builder. Runs around 1m deep but add a fastach of 5-15gram to make it run deeper.

The ‘Talon Tail’ is the perfect weapon for wary pike and cold water. Best fished in a slow steady retrieve, this tailbait has a body that gives a little dance and the big tail will provide the necessary vibration to make the slow pikes attack.
The ‘Talon Tail’ has often proven to be a gamechanger on tough days!

For all lures by Lotus Baits action is key and is achieved with minimum effort and best fished with finesse! Get this lure and the way to fish it in the fingers and you’ll see yourself how much the pike will love it!

Diving depth 0,5m – 1,5m depending on size of the hooks and/or added fastach. Best fished over shallow water (1-5m) and weedbeds but thanks to the long profile and vibration suitable for deeper water.

Delivered without hooks. Hook advice 3/0-2/0.

Leader advice: All types.

UV painted – colors Frog, Fluo Bluegill, Copper Ghost, Fire Tiger

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Copper Ghost, Fire Tiger, Fluo Bluegill, Frog, Lava Bream, Perch, Rainbow trout, Whitefish