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‘Bowie’ by Full Moon Baits (B)

Type wood: Spalted Chestnut (rare)

Length 15.5cm, weight 70 gram.

Slow floating- Type jerkbait/swimbait/hybrid. Specifically selected and rare wood choice. Extreme high end finish by the builder.

This ‘Bowie’ is like no other lure. An exceptional handmade casting lure with 3 attachments for 3 different actions and swimming depth, super delicately balanced and to top it off this one is executed in one of if not the rarest wood possible, spalted chestnut.
A proven lure to catch and thanks to its 3-in1 possibilities to be fished at any spot at your lake. Fast or slow retrieve to have a swimbait action, jerk to make it shoot left and right, pulls for imitating fleeing baitfish, just crank on the reel or even trolled, there is no wrong way to fish the ‘Bowie’.

Building the ‘Bowie’ is extremely difficult, therefor not many are made by FMB and even less pass all tests for approval. As with all his lures, each and everyone is fully tested by the builder but only when he is 300% satisfied with the action and result in the water a bait will be approved. And we are happy to say we now have one special approved ‘Bowie’ in our shop!

For all keen anglers, collectors or anyone who wants to invest in a bait no-one has, this fantastic ‘Bowie’ is what you need.
It is all about the action and presence of the lure, just like with any bait and the deep philosophy behind all FMB creations!

Most suitable for fishing over 1-5 m of water

As this ‘Bowie’ is strictly in the this very rare and exclusive spalted chestnut wood and not painted, the pattern of the wood give it its looks, and as it is with wood and patterns, there is never one exactly like it. Therefor there is only one available.

All leadertypes applicable. Stiff leader preferred.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 1/0.