Dentist (Spalted Chestnut – Rare) – Full Moon Baits (BE)


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‘Dentist’ by Full Moon Baits (B)

Type wood: Spalted Chestnut (very rare)

Length 19 cm, Height 6 cm, weight 130 gram – Slow Sinking

Type jerkbait/glider. Specifically selected wood choice and extreme high end finish by the builder.

Full body wooden jerkbait with mainly gliding and flanking properties that can be fished in many different ways. Fish it fast or slow and lazy side to side with pauses. Even on the steady retrieve this Dentist will swim left right and flank each time. The Dentist is absolutely versatile and despite its proportions extremely easy to fish! This lure suits beginners and pro’s!

Thanks to the long and high profile together with its movements this lure pushes loads of water and can be easily seen by pike from below. These are still the best trigger for all pike. It is all about the action and presence of the lure, just like with any bait and the deep philosophy behind all FMB creations!

Most suitable for fishing over 1-5 m of water but thanks to its length and profile also suitable for deeper/open water.

As this Dentist is strictly in the Spalted Chestnut wood and not painted, the pattern of the wood give it its looks, and as it is with wood and patterns, there is never one exactly like it. Therefor there is only one available.

All leadertypes applicable, but best with titanium or jerkbaitleader.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice  3/0.

Click on the video to see the action: