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‘XL’ jerkbait by Aad Dam (NL)

Length  20 cm  – Weight 60 gram

Slow sinking. Type jerkbait.

This special shaped, long wooden jerkbait made by legendary Aad Dam is a perfect lure for lazy style of fishing. Nice left right gliding action when fished slow and under control. Proven highly attractive to all pike on big lakes. Ideal for shallow water and above waterplants. But thanks to its size often surprisingly effective over deeper water. When you stop this lure, it will sink very slow and this often triggers the strike of the predator!
If you want to fish it about a meter deeper, you can add a 6-7g fastach at the top of your leader, which will not affect the action of this ‘XL’.

When trolled this ‘XL’ will swim with a wobble. Add e.g. a 2/0 hook at the belly and a smaller hook size 1/0 at the tail and the wobble of this bait will even increase.

This ‘XL’ is unlike any lure you have in your tacklebox and an absolute proven seducer and catcher of big pikes.

As Aad Dam retired from building this is now the last batch ever of the ‘XL’ jerkbaits and also the very last ‘XL’ jerkbaits he made especially for our shop. When they are gone, they are gone and will not be restocked.

Painted in typical Aad Dam’s classic oldskool colours and patterns.

The ‘XL’ suits beginners and pros.
Leader advice: 50-60 cm titanium leader.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 1/0-2/0.


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