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‘Appeticer’ by Stoner (SE)

Length 16cm – 2,2 cm wide  – Weight 100 gram – with 2 rattles

Slowsinking. Type Jerkbait/Glider.

Wooden based jerkbait finished with an extreme high quality and level of foil and glitter application.  If you want your lure to flash and shine, look no further!
Typical shape glider/jerkbait with a twist. This ‘Appeticer’ will glide, flank, wobble and flash like no other lure. Add then not 1 but 2 different rattles inside the bait, you know every predator will notice and get triggered by this lure! Fish it like any jerkbait with strokes of the tip of your rod fast and slow with a pause or use just the crank on the reel to make it work. There are no wrong ways to fish this ‘Appeticer’. 

The first Appeticers where made off of a famous model jerkbait but has transformed over the years to what you see now. Stoner is known for an exceptional foil and glitter application and these special ‘Appeticers’ are executed exactly like that. It is not easy sharing a picture that will do justice to these lures, so please check the videos below!

Best fished over 1-5m of water and weedbeds.

This lure suits beginner and pro.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0.

Check out all colors in the video below:


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Green Roach Hottail, Blue Ice Roach, Crackle Firetiger, Crazy Holo Roach, Gold Green Roach, Golden Burbot, Green Holo Perch, Holo Leopard, Lava Red Roach, Red Holo Baitfish