‘EvaLotta’ by Billow (SE)

Length 17 cm – 2,5 cm wide  – Weight 125 gram – with rattle

Sinking. Type Jerkbait/Glider.

Heavy duty jerkbait made of pinewood. Dimensions to be noticed and equipped with a rattle as an extra trigger this ‘EvaLotta’ is an extreme magnet for large predators. The body is tapered to the belly for increased hooking and to give the bait a flanking while working it. Critically balanced for wide gliding and a horizontal decent with wobble on the pause. Fish it like any jerkbait with strokes of the tip of your rod or use just the crank on the reel to make it work. See the video below how this ‘EvaLotta’ performs. There is no way to fish this wrong!

The ‘EvaLotta’ was one of the first lures Billow created back in 2007-2008 and it holds the name of the builder’s mother, EvaLotta. Over the years this jerkbait has accounted for many pike for many fishermen and there are lots of (big pike) reasons he still makes these today.

Best fished over 1-5m of water and weedbeds.

This lure suits beginner and pro.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0-3/0.

Check out the action:


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Brown Shad, Burned Perch, Green Beast, Mackerel, Motoroil Pike, Parrot, UV Tench, Yellow Perch