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‘Punnisher’ by Madcowfishing Tackle (NL)

Length 14 cm – Weight 70 gram – With rattle.

Slow sinking. Type jerkbait.

Great searchbait when you fish it fast with short taps like a fish on the run. On the steady retrieve this bait will also swim left right. Executed with a hard rattle in the head.

Also great for trolling.

This original ‘Punnisher’ jerkbait was first created in 2000 by MCFT as a silhouette of a perch. This handmade lure has been an inspiration for many builders and companies and has been copied many times over the years.

Available in a different custom colors.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0.


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Brown Trout, Clown, Fire Tiger, Shad, Yellow Face Baitfish