‘Rebel’ by Fishion Lures (NL)

Length 14,5 cm – Weight 80gram – with rattle

Slowsinking. Type Hybrid Jerkbait.

Resin based round body hybrid jerkbait finished with a beautiful and quality paintjob. It has been clearcoated with a rock solid finish, ready to withstand the beating of many pikes. This ‘Rebel’ is best fished with soft and short strokes of the rod, always in control, and it will shoot left and right, with a magnificent wobble every time. You can push the action and fish more erratic if yo want, making the bait more unpredictable. Due to the ease you can fish this very effective hybrid, it can be worked by everyone.
The ‘Rebel’ has one heavy rattle in the body, so with every twist this lure will produce an extra special trigger. This ‘Rebel’ is an absolute brilliant snack for all pike!

Fishion Lures is known to make a range of magnificent baits that catch BIG fish and always remain easy to fish. This ‘Rebel’ is one of his special hybrids and even famous fishermen fish it all the time!

Running depth approx. 1,5m
-Fluocarbon leader and 1/0 hooks ~approx. 1m
-Titanium leader and 2/0 hooks ~approx. 2m
Best fished over shallow water and weedbeds.

This lure suits beginner and pro.

Leader advice: Fluocarbon, titanium or jerkbaitleader.
Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 1/0-2/0.

Check out the action:

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Bright Blue Baitfish, Copper Perch, Dirty Roach, Hot Perch, Natural Perch, Okoboji Perch, Soft Pike, Chartreuse Roach, PIke, Supersmooth Zander