‘Cookietail’ by Lotus Baits (SE)

Length with tail 28cm – Length body 13 cm – Weight 90 gram

Slow sink. Full wooden body jerkbait with twister tail. Exceptional top quality UV paintjob by the builder. Runs around 1m deep.

This bulky body glider with tail is to be noticed. The added twister tail will provide this lure with the extra vibration upon every movement. This ‘Cookietail’ will go left and right but if you push it it will even go up and down. It pushes a lot of water thanks to the combination of body, tail and action.

The ‘Cookietail’ has a screw at the back and you can change the tail as you please. Try adding the Svartzonker Paddletail and all of a sudden you have a brilliant steady retriever with a slow roll and kicking tail. Ideal for the cold and slow pikes when they don’t want a jerkbait. Talking about versatility, this ‘Cookietail’ has it all!

Every ‘Cookietail’ is finished with a bio based lure coat to reduce the imprint on nature.

For all lures by Lotus Baits action is key and is achieved with minimum effort and best fished with finesse! Get this lure and the way to fish it in the fingers and you’ll see yourself how much the pike will love it!

Diving depth up to1 m or more if you let it sink. Best fished over shallow water (1-4m) and weedbeds but thanks to the bigger profile for a jerkbait also suitable for deeper water. When the pikes see this, they will come up to grab it.

Delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0.

Leader advice: All types.

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Fire Tiger, Green Pike, Motoroil Pike, Orange Motoroil, Orange Tiger, Roach, Motoroil Stryper, Poison Ivy