Høker XL


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‘Høker XL’ by Tukker (NL)

Length 16,5 cm – 4 cm max height  – Weight 75 gram

Slow sinking. Type Jerkbait/Glider.

This special design jerkbait by the hand of Tukker is an easy to work glider jerkbait, but weighted in a special way so it will more easily keep its depth. Let it sink to the desired depth and start fishing. Work the bait with short taps and it will flank up to 180° but work with longer strokes from the tip of your rod and it will preform a nice left right glide and wobble on the pause/descent. Pike like lean meals because they are easy to swallow and this ‘Høker XL’ presents itself just like this. Popular and very effective bait in shallow water (1-5m) and over weedbeds.

Although 75 gram this handmade lure fishes surprisingly light, thanks to its design again. 

The name Høker comes from the Dutch dialect and means a person who likes making fun, lots of fun. Fish the ‘Høker XL’ and you’ll find out this is the perfect name for this super bait!

This lure suits beginner and pro.

Leader advice: Jerkbaitleader, titanium, FC

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0.



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Black Firetail, Fire Tiger, Orange Belly Perch, Rainbow trout, Roach, Yellow Perch