Easycruiser by Lotus Baits (SE)

Length 16.5 cm – Weight 85 gram

Slow sink. Full wooden body jerkbait. Exceptional top quality UV paintjob by the builder. Runs 0.5-1m deep.

Beautiful handcrafted jerkbait with a smooth and wide side to side action and an erratic bellyflash. You can fish it lazy with a long pause, or if you prefer you can fish it with a more nervous jerk. This is a jerkbait with possibilities which pike won’t let pass by! It’s all in the action of the bait and how you fish it.  For all creations from Lotus Baits action is the foundation and this easycruiser is no different. A must have in your tacklebox and at the end of your line!

Best fished over shallow water (1-5m) and weedbeds.

Delivered without hooks. Hook advice 1/0-2/0.

Leader advice: Jerkbait leader.

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Brown baitfish orange eye, Brown baitfish red eye, Walleye, Yellow Spot