Burbot DNR – Armatus Baits (NL)


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‘Burbot DNR’ by Armatus Baits (NL)

Length 21 cm without back fin, weight 152 gram.

Dive and rise pullbait. Floating. Extreme high end paint/foil/finish by the builder.

Adjustable back fin to change diving depth. Can reach depths of 2.5-3 meter, with a perfect horizontal rise of around 20cm per second on the pause. When pulling and pausing the Burbot DNR it is important to keep contact. It is often on this pause that the big fish strike on these type of lures and presentations. The Burbot DNR has a wobble and a slight tilt when working it. With all these features, this is one deadly presentation to trigger the big pikes.

Suitable for fishing over 3-8m of water but make sure you try the Burbot DNR over the deeper and open water too. Thanks to the big profile, big open water pike will easily see and attack this brilliant dive and rise bait!

Preferred leader: Single strand / 7-strand titanium.

Delivered without hooks. Hook advice 3/0. Double split ring only at belly hook to be applied for balance.