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‘Headache’ by Jims Baits (SE)

Total Length with tail 19 cm – Weight 95 gram

Slow sinking. Type tailbait. Slow retrieve.

A brand-new tailbait by Jims Baits with a versatile action depending how you fish it.

On the slow steady retrieve this ‘Headache’ has a steady wobbling action of the body and a kicking tail. But once you start playing around with light pulls, taps and pauses this tailbait will perform a fluttering dance. This special action is something Jims Baits was looking for in this ‘Headache’ and it can draw in the wariest of pikes in your lake!
The way this tailbait works, presents itself and how it pushes the water is something the pikes have not seen before for sure

This ‘Headache’ has a built in magnet to hold the front hook in place on the body and prevent it from tangling with the leader. Also is it finished with a custom paddletail from Friskytts Beten & OK Beten.

All ‘Headache’ are painted with sponge and brush in the typical Jims Baits style and custom made pop-out eyes.

Where does the lure and name ‘Headache’ come from, you might wonder? Well, for a long time Jims Baits had the idea of making a special tailbait, with an abnormal bodyshape which had to achieve a specific steady but also fluttering action. For a long time he has had nothing but headaches over it to get this bait just the way he wanted it. After he eventually had the finetuning and the testmodels perfected and the test phase fishing it successfully done, the next headache was a name for it….So the ‘headache’ was born.
And now ofcourse the ‘Headache’ is ready to mess with the pike heads and give them headaches !

Available in a 8 different custom colors.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0
Leader advice: any leader.

Check out the action here:

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Toxic Baitfish, Blue Belly, Goldbuster, Green Firetiger, Kola, Orange Firetiger, PIke, Pumpkin, Purple Belly, Purple Prince, Red Belly, Sunshine, The Breeze