Rasken XL




‘Rasken XL’ by Perra Lures (SE)

Length 21,5 cm without lip – 27 cm with lip –  Weight 105 gram

Running depth:  Shallow 1-2 m, Mid 4-5 m, Deep up to 9 m

Type crankbait. Floating.

This is the highly successful ‘Rasken XL’ crankbait by Perra Lures. If you like trolling for BIG PIKE, the ‘Rasken XL’ is the perfect trolling lure for BIG PIKE and it can swim at different depths. Each attachment will also give the bait a different action/wobble.
Talking about one big lure that has it all…
Check out the action in the clip below.

Best for trolling between 2,8 and 3,8 km/h and suitable for big pike, With the dimensions of a big meal for any large predator, you better hold on to your rod.
When big pike go for the ‘Rasken XL’, they really pound it!

Perra Lures makes a variety of baits but mainly specializes in making wooden body crankbaits and in time perfected his trolling lures ‘Rasken Jr’ and ‘Rasken XL’. This trolling crankbait has been heavily tested and approved on big and small lakes around Europe. Now it’s up to you to start catching BIG with the awesome ‘Rasken XL’!

Available in a limited quantity and different custom colors.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice size 1/0 or 2/0 with double splitrings.
*Trolling depth variable to line, line out and speed of the boat.

Check out the action:

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