Piranha Crank




‘Piranha Crank’ by Lotus Baits (SE)

Length 12,5 cm – Width 2,4 cm- Weight 72 gram – With rattle

Slow Float. Full wooden body crankbait. Exceptional top quality UV paintjob by the builder. Runs 0,5- 1,5m deep.

Perfect crankbait for casting in shallow water. Thanks to the big and practically indestructible lexan lip this ‘Piranha Crank’ produces lots of movement already when slowly retrieved. On the pause it will slowly go upwards, giving the pike more time to attack. If you fish it faster, the movement and thumb will just be more crazy. Add to that the rattle inside and the wide body, there are no elements missing for pike to ignore.

Building the ‘Piranha Crank’ is highly time-consuming and precise, therefor they are only produced in very small batches by the builder. We are able to offer a limited amount of these fantastic ‘Piranha Cranks’ in our shop!

It’s all in the action of the bait and how you fish it. For all creations from Lotus Baits action is the foundation and this ‘Piranha Crank’ is no different. A special casting crankbait you must have in your tacklebox and at the end of your line!

Best fished over shallow water (1-5m) and weedbeds.

Delivered without hooks. Hook advice 1/0-2/0.

Leader advice: any leader type.


UV painted – Colors Fluo Bluegill, Frog, Fire Tiger, Lava Bream

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Crimson Ruckus, Fire Tiger, Fluo Bluegill, Frog, Lava Bream, Old School Carp, Rainbow trout, Whitefish