‘Ripper’ by Dekker Custom Baits (NL)

Length body 15 cm – with Lip 17cm –  Weight 70 gram

Floating. Type: Crankbait.

The ‘Ripper’ is a special crankbait by DCB made for casting and ripping, hence the name, above weeds and waterplants. Thanks to the big and wide lip this ‘Ripper’ pounds its way forward, attracting the attention of every pike in the weeds. If you hook the weeds even, with the ripping it will shake itself loose of any green that gets hooked and be free in the next rip for the pikes to grab it!
On the pause this crankbait will rise again above the strike zone. Fish this bait this style and it will go 1-2m deep.
So the best way to fish the ‘Ripper’? Yes, Cast Rip Repeat!
Also suitable for trolling, running depth around 3m.
This brand-new ‘Ripper’ crankbait is executed with a foil and paint. The foil gives the lure an absolutely beautiful outlook and flash under water.
This is a limited made crankbait and House of Lures is the first shop to offer the ‘Ripper’.

The ‘Ripper’ is, just like all baits by DCB, executed in his very recognizable style, high quality finish and absolutely irresistible to pike!

Available in a 4 different custom colors and very limited quantities.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0
Leader advice: All leadertypes.

Click on the video to see the action:

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