Shadhead Small


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‘Shadhead Small’ by Dekker Custom Baits (NL)

Length Shadhead 7,5 cm – Total length with shad 21cm –  Total Weight 75 gram

Slow Sinking. Type: Swimbait.

This ‘Shadhead’ is once again a unique concept and handmade lure by DCB.
A custom hard head with a 15cm (popular) shad mounted with a screw that is fixated on this handmade ‘Shadhead’.

Works like any shad but much better! The amount of water this ‘Shadhead’ pushes is incomparable to any regular shad.
Slow retrieve is the best way to work this lure. The swimming action is a fantastic wobble of head and body along with the kick of the tail so all this makes for an irresistible presentation. (See action video below)  Thanks to the special balancing the ‘Shadhead’ is slow sinking and allows you to stay in the strikezone longer when pausing your bait.

You can add all types of shads from 13 to 17cm to the ‘Shadhead’ so versatility is another plus for this bait! Cut off the head, screw it on and you are ready to fish again!

Many pikes have been caught on the ‘Shadhead’ including big pikes of 120+cm.

The ‘Shadhead’ is, just like all baits by DCB, executed in his very recognizable style, high quality finish and absolutely irresistible to pike!

Available in a 6 different custom glitter colors and limited quantities.

Will be delivered with mounted shad and hooks (as shown in the pictures).
Leader advice: 7-strand/FC.

Click on the video to see the action:


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