‘UNICORN Bulldozer’ by MT-Baits (B) 1/1

Length 24cm –  Weight 122gram – With Rattle – Comes with 1 spare tail

Slow sinking. Type tailbait.

The ‘Bulldozer’ is one of the signature baits by this builder and this ‘Unicorn’ version is a special one. As a side project MT-Baits created this one off magical and mythical Unicorn version of the ‘Bulldozer’!

The ‘Bulldozer’ is a carved handmade tailbait with foiled finish. You can cast or troll this ‘Bulldozer’ and it produces a big and slow body roll, each time giving the big deep rattle the opportunity to do its clicking. And this rattle is loud! Add to that the kicking of the tail and the combination of it all makes this handmade ‘Bulldozer’ absolutely irresistible to pike!

For many years this ‘Bulldozer’ has been producing lots and especially big fish everywhere! Even we had the pleasure of testing this lure on one of the biggest lakes in Ireland with great success. Anyone can fish this lure, just steady retrieve (and an occasional pause if you want) and hold on to your rod!

MT-Baits is known for creating lures according to his own experience as a avid pike and lure angler. And he enjoys surprising us all with the most variable colorways and finishes.

This ‘Unicorn Bulldozer’ is a one of a kind, so evidently there is only 1.

Hook advice: 3/0 body 2/0 tail
Leader advice: All leadertypes applicable

Check out the brilliant colors and listen to the deep rattle: