Cautus Jointed




‘Cautus Jointed’ by Billow (SE)

Length 16 cm – Weight 105 gram.

Sinking. Type swimbait.

This heavy duty swimbait is made of pinewood, has the strongest 2-joint connection available and swims with a perfect S-shape swimming motion. Thanks to the special angle of the joint the lure holds its depth which makes it possible to let it sink and fish it deeper than most swimbaits. Possible to fish it at any speed whilst slow retrieve will produce a lazy action and fast with jerks will imitate a fleeing baitfish. When abruptly stopped this swimbait will flank to the side. Often the perfect time to strike for any large predator. Also a very successful swimbait for trolling. Add a small fastach lead on the noseclip to make it swim deeper.

The Swedish synonym for ‘Cautus’ is simple or easy, but in Latin it means ‘cautious’. With great ease and the slightest of movement of the rod this fantastic swimbait will create its action and all pike better be cautious when approaching, following and attacking! This ‘Cautus Jointed’ is a must have for any angler that wishes to seduce and catch big pike!

This lure suits beginner and pro.

Available in a different custom colors.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0.

Check out the action:

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Albino Trout, Burbot, Lemonhead, Albino Bage, Arapaima, Artic Char, Bananatiger, Black Betty, Blue Roach Mother, Bulten, Chartupike, Cold Burbot, Folie Fegis, Glitter Burbot, Glitter Burbot Mother, Goblin, Goldrush, Hot Belly Perch, Hot Peacock, Hotpike, Jiman Rapala Folie, Kollifish, Motor Träskgädda Kopper, Motoroil Hottail Gold, Northern Pike, Pink Pike Folie, Pishuu, Poison Burbot (Ubait) Mother, Sexy Clown, Silver Fish, Skitmört, Yellow Burbot