Cautus Swimjerk




‘Cautus Swimjerk’ by Billow (SE)

Length 14 cm – Weight 120 gram. With rattle.

Slow Sinking. Type Jerkbait/Swimbait.

This heavy duty ‘Cautus Swimjerk’ is made of pinewood and is the original Cautus model by Billow of which his famous Cautus Jointed swimbait followed.
It is a classic type jerkbait that can be fished left right with taps on the reel, irratic or lazy. But fished on the reel this handmade jerkbait will preform a beautiful S shape swimming motion, with the necessary flanking to seduce the hungry pikes. Try to combine fishing on the reel with an occasional tap of the rod to give it an even more irregular action.
There is no way to fish this handmade lure wrong!
And despite its 120g weight this ‘Cautus Swimjerk’ fishes amazingly light and easy. Check out the action video below!

Tip from the builder: “You will see in the video that you can add a paddle tail as well to this bait so it can be fished steady retrieve with a wobble of the body and the kicking of the tail. Definitely another totally different way to present and fish my ‘Cautus Swimjerk.”

The Swedish synonym for ‘Cautus’ is simple or easy, but in Latin it means ‘cautious’. With great ease and the slightest of movement of the rod and reel this fantastic swimbait/jerkbait will create its action and all pike better be cautious when approaching, following and attacking! This ‘Cautus Swimjerk’ is a must have for any angler that wishes to seduce and catch big pike!

This lure suits beginner and pro.

Available in a different custom colors.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0.

Check out the action:

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Lemonhead, Bananatiger, Basic, Bulten, Chartupike, Goblin, Goldrush, Hot Belly Perch, Kollifish, Northern Pike, Orange Flash Tiger, Pishuu