Christof’s Flatfish – House of Lures Special




‘Christof’s Flatfish – House of Lures Special’ by Jims Baits (SE)

Length body 8 cm  – Total length 21 cm  – Weight 100 gram
With magnet on top, froghook, willow blade and 2 custom tails by Friskytts Beten.
Limited and numbered version of the ‘Christof’s Flatfish’ – Only 2 in existence.

Slow sinking. Type: Tailbait.

The ‘Christof’s Flatfish’ is not your average tailbait or frog. The flat yet round body has a great profile seen from below and produces vibrations like no other thanks to the willow blade and double custom tails at the back! The froghook on top stays in position with a build in magnet. Now we all know frogbaits are often known to produce well but often hit and miss due to the hooking, so as an extra, Jims Baits added a 2nd attachment for a treble at the belly. Even for extra depth you can use this attachment to add extra weight. Just cast out and retrieve or diversify with rips and pauses. This awesome ‘Christof’s Flatfish’ is like no bait you have fished before and also no pike has ever seen! They will just not be able to resist!

Here are some of the key features:
– Custom Colorway especially for House of Lures
– Only 2 in existence of this colorway
– Numbered as HLS #1 or HLS #2
– Build in magnet for Froghook
– Extra attachment for treble/weight at the belly.
– Willow blade
– 2 custom tails by Friskytts Beten
– Custom-made eyes
– Custom painted with brush and sponge

Advised leader type: all leadertypes

Will be delivered with froghook, without treble for belly. Treble advice 2/0-3/0.

Few videos of the ‘Christof’s Flatfish – House of Lures Special’

Check out the action, click on the video below:

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HLS #1, HLS #2