‘DVN Special’ by Full Moon Baits (B)
Numbered 6/15

Type wood: Spalted Pear

Length 14 cm, weight 75 gram.

Slow Sinking – Type swimbait/hybrid. Specifically selected wood choice and extreme high end finish by the builder.

Initially created in honor of his friend and (ex)builder ‘DIVANI’ (Dirk Van Nieuwenhove). Because the action of this ‘DVN Special’ is so unique, Full Moon Baits decided to make a limited and numbered series of 15 pieces in different woods. This is number 6/15 and made out of one single piece of exceptional spalted pear wood.

The action of the ‘DVN Special’ can be described as a heavy flanking swimbait on the steady retrieve with an unpredictable/hybrid movement, so not just swimming in a straight line! Best fished on the reel with an occasional pause or soft pull.
There are 2 points of attachment for 2 actions and 2 depths, so this ‘DNV Special is just very versatile! On the nose attachment this handmade swimbait will go around 0.5-1 m but on the eye at the top you can present it up to around 3 m.
You can use the ‘DVN Special’ also for trolling.

Thanks to its special shape, critical balance and unique swimming motions this ‘DNV Special’ will draw the attention of all predators and they will have never seen anything like it before!
And as we know It is all about the action and presence of the lure, just like with any bait and the deep philosophy behind all FMB creations!

This unique and numbered ‘DVN Special 6/15’ in spalted pear is definitely a must-have for any keen pike angler or collector. There is only one available.

All leadertypes applicable

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice: size 1/0.

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