Giant Renegade




‘Giant Renegade’ by Fishion Lures (NL)

Length 28cm- Weight 310gram – With rattle

Slow Floating. Type Hybrid Jerkbait.

One of the biggest hybrids out there!
Skip the gym and go cast this puppy, of course a strong rod is needed but once it hits the water it’s a piece of cake to reel it in. Stunning left/right glide with a good body roll and a superb hangtime!

If you’re looking for a big bait with a unique action for trolling this one also comes in handy, with its long glides it will cover a lot of water!

The ‘Giant Renegade’ is only produced in low numbers and would not be available through the shop, but Fishion Lures graced us with 2 custom ones in our very own favorite color pattern as a special!
So if you want to go BIG, this is your chance!

Big resin based round body hybrid jerkbait finished with a beautiful and quality paintjob. It has been clear coated with a rock solid finish, ready to withstand the beating of many pikes. Due to the ease you can fish this highly effective ‘Renegade’, it can be worked by everyone.
The ‘ Giant Renegade’ has one heavy rattle in the body, so with every twist this lure will produce an extra special trigger.

Fishion Lures is known to make a range of magnificent baits that catch BIG fish and always remain easy to fish. The ‘Giant Renegade’ is one of his special big hybrids and one of the very biggest hybrids around!

Running depth approx. 2m. Perfect for shallow and deep open water!

This lure suits beginner and pro.

Leader advice: Fluocarbon, titanium or jerkbaitleader.
Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2x 4/0 with double splitrings (Splitrings already included with the ‘Giant Renegade).


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Dark Ignited Perch, Silver Trout