Hunor Paddletail




‘Hunor Paddletail’ by Sanno Baits (SE)

Length 21 cm – Weight 84 gram – With rattle, weight system and hook drop off
Slow Sinking/ Sinking. Type Tailbait.

Incredibly easy to fish tailbait because all you need to do is cast, retrieve and occasionally stop. The kicking of the tail and the rattle in the moving body will attract the biggest pikes in your lake. Check out the action video below to see how good this ‘Hunor’ presents itself on the retrieve.

Executed with an interchangeable weight system on the nose, so you can fish the ‘Hunor’ at any depth! Besides that, this Swedish handmade tailbait also has a hook drop off system so the fish can’t shake the lure while fighting. Increasing your hookhold to the maximum!

Can be fished over any depth of water thanks to the interchangeable weight system on the nose. Each ‘Hunor’ comes with the weight(s) you see in the picture.

Available in a limited batch.

This lure suits beginner and pro.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0-3/0.
Leader advice: 7-strand / FC

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Baitfish, Green Perch, Motoroil, Orange Albino, Red Demon, Yellow Belly Baitfish