Magor Spintail




‘Magor Spintaili’ by Sanno Baits (SE)

Length body 11 cm – Total length with blade 16 cm – Weight 63 gram

Slow sinking. Type: Bladed swimbait.

A bladed tailbait that you can fish at any depth and pike can’t shake?
Look no further! This ‘Magor Spintail’ is a bulky full wooden body casting lure with a silver colorado blade at the back. Executed with an added weight system on the nose where you can add light or heavy weights, all depending on the depth you want to present it! Just slide over the weights and you are good to go.
Next to that, this ‘Magor Spintail’ has a hook drop off system for its single treble on the belly.
Not only will the pike be triggered by the body and vibration of the tail, he will also be unable to use the lure itself to shake the hooks!
Talking about a winner!

Here are some of the key features:
– Colorado blade of 4 cm at the rear for vibration and flash
– Weight system on the nose for interchangeable weights
– Set of weights come standard with every Magor Spintail, as shown on the picture.
-Drop Off hook system for the single treble at the belly
-Perfect size snack for all pike in your waters.
All this and more is the reason
the ‘Magor Spintail’ is an absolute winner!

The ‘Magor Spintaili’ can be fished up to any depth thanks to the changeable weight system.

Advised leader type: all leadertypes

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0.

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Green Perch, Black Baitfish, Pinky Perch, Purple Baitfish