‘Pikachu #1’ by MT-Baits (B)

Total length with zonker tail 40cm / Total length with Twistertail 35cm
Comes in a wooden custom box with branded logo and Pikachu tail.
Included: 1x Zonker tail and  1 x Twister tail.
Slow sinking. Type mouselike tailbait.

The most exciting and unique ‘Pikachu’ lure you have ever seen and the first one ever build (#1) !

Very special creation by MT-Baits in the shape of this handmade ‘Pikachu #1’. A hand carved head of this popular Pokémon figurine with beautiful yellow bucktail. This numbered (and yes this is number #1) mouse like ‘Pikachu’ comes with 2 different tails (Zonker and Twister tail) but you can add whatever tail you prefer thanks to the splitring on the body inside the bucktail.
The ears of the ‘Pikachu’ have a metal wire inside, so they will withstand the most powerful bites and fights with any angry pike!

The ‘Pikachu #1’ lure comes in a special wooden box with branded logo and Pikachu tail!

Anyone can fish this lure, on the reel, just steady retrieve (and an occasional pause if you want) and hold on to your rod! Check out the video below to see the super cool action with the zonker tail!

This ‘Pikachu #1’ is a truly one of a kind and with this one being number 1 that is ever made, there is only 1. For all collectors, fans of Pokémon, Pikachu, unique baits etc. this ‘Pikachu #1’ is an absolute must have and showpiece for the collection.

MT-Baits is known for creating lures according to his own experience as a avid pike and lure angler. And he enjoys surprising us all with the most variable designs, colorways and finishes.

Hook advice: 3/0 or 4/0
Leader advice: All leadertypes applicable

Check out the action with the zonker tail: