Rana Tail




‘Rana Tail’ by Billow (SE)

Length with tail 35 cm – Weight 135-140gram depending on finish – With rattle

Slow floating. Type Tailbait/Pullbait.

A brand-new concept tailbait by this Swedish builder that can be fished as a pullbait but also on the steady retrieve!

With each pull the ‘Rana Tail’ will take a dive whilst wiggling its big tail. The longer pulls the deeper it will run ending every movement by a flanking or even shooting left or right depending how you work it. On the pause it will then slowly rise again and often this is the moment the big pike strikes! With every motion of the bait the rattle inside the wooden body attracts the pike and will bring attention to it.
This technique pulling and pauses is known to trigger the bigger fish and this ‘Rana Tail’ has all the features and movements to do just that!

You can also fish it steady retrieve on the reel and the ‘Rana Tail’ will dive and glide through the water slow and mesmerizing left right glide whilst wiggling the tail. This lazy presentation is a totally different approach and sometimes this is exactly what the big pike want!

Like all baits made by Billow, the ‘Rana Tail’ is painted it the most spectacular patterns that just catch and finished with a rock solid coating!

This lure suits beginner and pro.

Available in a different custom colors.

Leader advice: Jerkbait leader / Titanium / Fluocarbon.
Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0.

Check the action here:

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Artic Char, Black Betty, Blue Roach Mother, Cold Burbot, Glitter Burbot, Glitter Burbot Mother, Hot Peacock, Hotpike, Poison Burbot (Ubait) Mother, Yellow Burbot