The Quake




‘The Quake’ by Dekker Custom Baits (NL)

Total Length w. skirts, tinsel and twistertail: approx. 35cm
Weights: Leadhead 40-45g / Total weight with blade, skirts, tinsel and twistertail approx. 85g

Sinking. Type Chatterbait.

‘The Quake’ is a true big fish sized Chatterbait! With a custom painted head, big shaking blade, top quality skirts and tinsel  and added twistertail this large chatterbait has an incredible action and presence in the water (Check out the video below)!
You can fish ‘The Quake’ in more then many ways from steady retrieve to steady with pauses, but also try ripping it and letting it sink again. Even with short pulls the blade and added skirts, tinsel and twistertail will dance and seduce those big pikes in your lake. And thanks to the leaded head, you can fish ‘The Quake’ at any depth you desire!

‘The Quake’ is executed with the strongest and best single hooks possible with the Wide Gap 9/0 on the leadhead and a 8/0 trailerhook with the twistertail.

In 2023 we had the opportunity to testfish ‘The Quake’ ourselves and after more then many big meterpikes we are now very happy to bring this magnificent handmade chatterbait to our shop!
Available in a 2 different custom glitter colors and limited quantities.

Leader advice: 7-strand, FC.
Will be delivered as shown in the pictures.

Click on the video to see the action:

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Black Orange, Fire Tiger, Chartreuse, Melon