TripleKarved Scar


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‘TripleKarved Scar’ by HandKarvedBaits (BE)

Total Length with tail 22cm – Weight 155gram

Medium sinking. Type swimbait with flexible fins. Slow retrieve & trolling.
Each ‘TripleKarved Scar’ comes with 1 set of spare flexible fins.

How realistic do you want your bait to be? Well you cannot get any closer then with this ‘TripleKarved Scar’ from Belgium. In looks and in swimming action with heavy flanking at slow retrieve and trolling this is one of the very best 3 part swimbaits out there. You might even mistake it yourself for a real fish!

Born from a hand carved master from maple wood, this ‘TripleKarved Scar’ is a pressure resin lure, casted at 50psi, which results in a bubble free super strong swimbait with hyper realistic features and swimming action! Next to this the builder also put in the time and effort in the paintwork to get every detail in there and finishes with a super strong clearcoat so they can resist the battering of all the hungry pike!

The ‘TripleKarved Scar’ is weighted in medium sink so for casting you can easily present and fish it at any depth you desire, casted or trolled!
TIP: Add a fastach/lead at the front of your leader to make it go deeper.

The name ‘TripleKarved Scar’ comes from 2 things. Of course the TripleKarved stands for the 3 separate carved body parts of this swimbait. And Scar comes from the latin Scardinius erythrophthalmus for Rudd, as this was the base for the design of the fabulous ‘TripleKarved Scar’

HandKarvedBaits is known and passionate about creating and the art of carving baits. With truly great effort and time invested in every bait that leaves his workshop, his handmade lures are well worth a place in every serious fisherman’s tacklebox.

Available in a 2 different custom colors.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice: 2/0
Leader advice: any leader

Check out the action:

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