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‘Betsy’ by MT-Baits (B)

Length 14 cm – Weight 78 gram

Slow sinking. Type jerkbait.

The ‘Betsy’ is a carved handmade jerkbait with foiled finish. Short and stumpy dimensions to mimic a perfect bait for the pike and the capacity to push a lot of water, this jerkbait fishes easily left right while flanking and producing a flash with the excellent application of the foil on the scaled flank. Fish the ‘Betsy’ with taps of the rodtip or just on the reel to get the best action. And like with any jerkbait, don’t forget to pause and hold on tight. While sinking with a wobble, these are often the best moments for any pike to strike!
‘Betsy’ is one of the best producing jerkbaits by MT-Baits and has accounted for many big pikes for anglers across Europe.
This handmade ‘Betsy’ is definitely a must-have for anglers that love jerkbait fishing!

MT-Baits is known for creating lures according to his own experience as a avid pike and lure angler. And he enjoys surprising us all with the most variable colorways and finishes.

The limited batch we have available was exclusively made for House of Lures.

Hook advice: 1/0
Leader advice: jerkbait leader/ FC/ Titanium (stiff leader preferred)


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Roach, Blood Betsy, Blue Iris, Blue Pumpkin, Candybar, Copper Carp, Golden Carp, Golden Goblin, Green Belly Poser, Green Phantom, Moonlight, Orange Carp, Poisonous Betsy, Rastafari, Rudd, Toxic Carp, Vampire, Yellow Blood