Big Skater (Guilted Poplar AAA grade) – Full Moon Baits (BE)


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‘Big Skater’ by Full Moon Baits (B)

Type wood: Guilted Poplar AAA grade

Length 15,5 cm, weight 78 gram.

Type jerkbait/glider. Specifically selected wood choice and extreme high end finish by the builder.

Full body wooden jerkbait with mainly gliding properties that can be fished in every way you please! Fish it fast or slow, give it short taps, pulls, twitch and pause it. Long strokes, steady retrieve, you can even troll it…. And on the pause it will sink slowly with that o so important wobble we all love.

The Big Skater is absolutely versatile and is not your typical glider, but an exceptional glider with a twist! This lure suits beginners and pro’s.

Thanks to the long profile and variety in action this lure has many ways to trigger the pike. It is all about the action and presence of the lure, just like with any bait and the deep philosophy behind all FMB creations!

Most suitable for fishing over 1-5 m of water

As this Big Skater is strictly in the Guilted Poplar wood and not painted, the rare and carefully selected pattern of this AAA grade top quality wood give it its looks. And as it is with wood and patterns, there is never one exactly like it. Therefor there is only one available.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0.