Chubbie Paddle




‘Chubbie Paddle’ by NK Baits (NL)

Length 20 cm  – Weight 120 gram

Slow sinking. Type tailbait.

Bulky and round casting tailbait with paddle tail up side down. There is a reason this bait is executed with the paddle up side down. Thanks to this reversed paddle the whole bait has more swing and the whole combination will perform more like a swimbait. Thanks to the screw on the hard body, you can twist (or replace) the paddletail to a downwards position to give it a more tight action, like a shad. Heavily tested and approved in the Netherlands. Paddle up side down delivered bigger fish during the testing! Just cast and retrieve.

Executed with only one hook because all the big pike absolutely INHALE this Chubbie Paddle.

NK Baits is known to create a big variety of very effective lures with an exceptional level of painting and finish. Chubbie Paddle is available in 4 different custom colours.

Advised leader type: 7-strand coated. Running depth 1-2 m. Best fished over weeds or taluds. Desired depth can be reached by letting the bait sink longer.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 3/0-4/0. (double splitring included with the bait)


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Black Orange, Copper Motoroil, Green Venom, Orange Blitz, Yellow Bee