John Doe




‘John Doe’ by Dekker Custom Baits (NL)

Total length 22 cm – Weight (Unweighted) 70 gram.
Comes with 3 individual weights (approx. 15-18-23g).

Type diver/pullbait.

The ‘John Doe’ is a wooden body special shaped diver/pullbait that comes with an interchangeable weight system. You can easily change sinking/floating rate of the ‘John Doe’ thanks to the screw in weights. And besides that you can play with the angle of the backfin for a shallow or deeper dive.
Diver/pullbaits are often killers when it comes to the really big pikes and DCB created this unique ‘John Doe’ with exactly that in mind! Perfect size, an irresistible action and possibilities to adjust your bait to suit the situation. This ‘John Doe’ is an absolute must-have for any serious pike angler that wants to catch really big pike!

Fish this ‘John Doe’ with long pulls from the rod and occasional pauses to let it rise/hang/sink. You can also fish more aggressive and you will see this diver break out more and go left or right, with a wobbling body.

The ‘John Doe’ was nowhere shown and was never for sale after its making and testing and knowing DCB has only made a handful of these, we are more then delighted that House of Lures was given the chance to bring not 1 but 4 custom painted ‘John Doe’ pullbaits to the shop as an exclusive launch! Yes indeed, you will not find these anywhere else!

Only 4 pieces available in the shown colors.

Leader advise: Stainless steel jerkbaitleader / Titanium.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 3/0.


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