Looney Shad


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  1. ‘Looney Shad’ by Gforce Lures (IE)

Length 24 cm – Weight 105 gram
Slow Sinking – Type Tailbait.

The ‘Looney Shad’ is the perfect casting bait! With its deep belly and high up eyelid it produces an irresistible lazy wobble/flanking in the body on the slow retrieve or speed it up with a few twichtes to create an irratic shaking of the body and the tail. Combined with the kicking tail this tailbait has everything that big pikes like and want to eat.
Even on the pause this ‘Looney Shad’ will show its wobble sinking down.
There is no way to fish this wrong! All you have to do is cast, retrieve, twitch, an occasional pause and hold on tight!

The ‘Looney Shad’ has been heavily tested and approved on many small and big Irish waters and rivers. Each time producing a lot of beautiful and also big pikes!

The tail can easily be changed with the screw at the back of the body. And you can also change to a twister tail to give this bait a different action and even use it as a jerkbait. This is just a tip from the builder.

The ‘Looney Shad’ comes in 3 different approved color versions. Each and everyone of them jampacked with glitter!

Best fished over 1-5m of water and weed beds. Let it sink further down to fish deeper water.

This lure suits beginner and pro.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0.
Leader advice: 7-strand / FC


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