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‘Pokey’ by Gnarly Baits (NO)

Special version with Glow in the dark eyes!
Length 15 cm –  Weight 110 gram

Medium sinking. Type jerkbait/Glider.

One of the most versatile and easy to fish jerkbaits by this builder. Thanks to the bulky profile, added rattle and a fantastic paintjob this handmade wooden jerkbait stands out no matter how you fish it!
Fish it like any jerk or on the reel, slow or fast, there is no way to do this wrong. This ‘Pokey’ suits beginners and ‘Pro’ fishermen.
With its Medium sink property you are able to present the ‘Pokey’ also a little  deeper than most regular jerkbaits. Let it sink to the desirable depth and start fishing.

Make this special ‘Pokey Tånglake Glow-eyes’ version his eyes glow up by charging with a flashlight or UV lamp! Even in de darkest of waters, this will be an extra visible feature for the pike to find this absolutely fantastic ‘Pokey’!

Best fished over 1-5m and over weedbeds/structures.

Gnarly Baits is known to make high quality baits that are easy to fish, handle well and this Pokey is just all of that!
Tested and approved by House of Lures ourselves!

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0
Leader advice: Jerkbaitleader/Titanium/FC.

Check the effect of the glow eyes here:


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