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‘Psych’ by Gnarly Baits (NO)

Length 18 cm –  Weight 145 gram

Fast Sinking. Type jerkbait/Glider.

Big profile handmade jerkbait with a loud rattle that you can easily fish up to 4 meter depth thanks to the fast sink execution. Cast and let it sink. Once you reach your desired depth you can jerk or just fish it on the reel for a wide left and right motion. Even a steady retrieve will make this ‘Psych’ move in a big swimbaitstyle S-motion. So despite its weight and dimensions this bait still fishes with an amazing ease!

Perfect for deep and open water fishing and thanks to its dimensions a perfect BIG FISH bait! We recommend a heavy rod setup for the cast but also to have the power to strike when the big fish hits the lure…You better hold on when you fish the ‘Psych’ because big fish hit it hard!

Gnarly Baits is known to make high quality baits that are easy to fish, handle well and this Psych is just all of that!
Tested and approved by House of Lures ourselves!

Available in a 6 different custom colors.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 3/0
Leader advice: Jerkbaitleader/Titanium/FC.


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Gnarly Hulk Motoroil, Hulk Perch, Kiwi Prey, Maglite, Rainbow trout, Tånglake Glow-eyes Motoroil, Blue Faced Magma, Foil Roach Copper, Foil Roach Silver, Krokle Fluo Yellow, Pekoi-UV