Renegade Paddletail




‘Renegade Paddletail’ by Fishion Lures (NL)

Length 25 cm – Weight 160 gram – with rattle and custom High5Lures paddletail
*Each Renegade Paddletail comes with 1 extra spare paddletail included*

Slow Sinking. Type Tailbait.

Big resin based round body combined with a custom High5Lures paddletail. A larger size tailbait that is still very suitable for casting and also can be used for trolling. Thanks to its bulky profile, loud rattle and superb wobble, this ‘Renegade Paddletail’ stands out in the water and draws the attention of all predators in your lake.

For the Hot Pike and Silver Trout color the spare tail is the same color as pictured, the Dark Ignited Perch color comes with a green and an orange tail as pictured.

Fishion Lures is known to make a range of magnificent baits that catch BIG fish and always remain easy to fish. This ‘Renegade Paddletail’ is one of his special tailbaits and has been catching big pikes all over Europe!

Running depth approx. 1-2.5m.
TIP: add a fastach lead on the nose to make it run deeper.

This lure suits beginner and pro.

Leader advice: Fluocarbon, 7strand, titanium or even jerkbaitleader.
Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2 x 3/0.

Take a look at the ‘Renegade Paddletail’!

Check out that wobble!


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Fire Tiger, Hot Perch, Blood Perch, Chartreuse Roach, Dark Ignited Perch, Perch Ambulance, PIke, Silver Trout