Sarcastic Sophie




‘Sarcastic Sophie’ by Jims Baits (SE)

Length body 14,5 cm  – Weight 70 gram – With rattle

Slow Floating. Type: triple action swimbait.

The ‘Sarcastic Sophie’, named after the builders wife, is a swimbait with very unique characteristics.
First of all it is 3 swimbaits in 1 thanks to the 3 attachment points in front, delivering 3 different actions and depths! Yes, that is 3 different ways to seduce the pikes! Check the video below.
Second, It is designed with a specific shape of body where the bigger head goes into a slender body, tapered below for increases hooking. The tail is then flattened, adding more to the swimming action, and holds a rattle producing that extra sound vibration with every shake and wobble. 

Just cast out and retrieve or diversify with rips and pauses, this awesome swimbait will lure out the biggest pikes in 3 different ways!

Here are some of the key features:
– 3 attachment points for 3 different actions and depths
– Tapered body for increased hooking
– Flattened tail with rattle (shake, wobble and sound)
– Custom-made eyes
– Custom painted with brush and sponge
All this and more is the reason the pikes will absolutely smash the ‘Sarcastic Sophie’!

This special The ‘Sarcastic Sophie’ can be fished up to 1-2 m working depth.

Advised leader type: all leadertypes

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0.

Check out the action, click on the video below:

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