Super Granny Mini




‘Super Granny Mini’ by Jims Baits (SE)

Length body 12 cm – Total length with blade 20 cm – Weight 63 gram

Slow sinking. Type: Bladed swimbait.

The ‘Super Granny Mini’ is a special creation by Jim Baits developed for mainly fishing rocky and weedy spots.
Getting tired of hooking into rocks and weeds? You want to present the wary pikes with a lure they have not seen before? This ‘Super Granny Mini’ delivers all that! Just cast out and retrieve, this awesome swimbait will do the rest!
Here are some of the key features:
– 2 attachment points for 2 different actions
– Willow blade of 5 cm at the rear for vibration and flash
– Custom-made eyes
– 1 magnet on the back for holding treble on top.
– Extra hook point central below for use if desired OR to add weight for deeper fishing and horizontal descending (not nosedown)
– Custom painted with brush and sponge
-Willow blade can be changed into tail to create a tailbait.
All this and more is the reason the pikes will absolutely smash the ‘Super Granny Mini’!

The ‘Super Granny Mini’ can be fished up to 1-2 m working depth.

Advised leader type: all leadertypes

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 1/0 or 2/0.

Check out the action, click on the video below:

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Bloodshed Pike, Stenstrand, Belly Perch, Blooded Perch, Blooded Snaskargosen, Charred Granny, Golden Granny, Red Copper, Toxic Motoroil, Tropical Granny