‘Tumbler’ by Full Moon Baits & Divani (B)

Type wood: Amber wood

Length body 16.5 cm – Total Length with backfin 19 cm – Weight 124 gram
Slow floating

One very special handmade lure born out of a collaboration between 2 famous builders and friends, Full Moon Baits and Divani from Belgium. Both builder’s names are also on the wooden body as well engraved on the custom backfin.

This ‘Tumbler’ was created around 3 years ago and only 10 were build that went to close friends who kept it secret up to now. Through our shop we not only introduce you this special ‘Tumbler’, we even now have one in amber wood available.

The ‘Tumbler’ is not just special thanks to the unique collaboration by these 2 builders, it is also very unique and versatile in its styles of fishing. Use the ‘Tumbler’ as a glider with a wide left right action or fish it as a dive n rise pull bait and you will immediately see that these are 2 complete different actions. Play around with the angle of the custom engraved backfin and even more different movements and styles of fishing can be achieved. Even up to a hybrid type and a steady retrieve action!
The name ‘Tumbler’ comes from the dolphin that jumps, skates, twirls and does incredible moves all the time. There is nothing that this ‘Tumbler’ cannot do!

If you are looking for a special handmade lure that is unique, versatile and even collectable, this is the one for you!
But beware, there is only one available.

Most suitable for fishing over 1-5 m of water.

As this ‘Tumbler’ is executed in Amber wood and not painted, the pattern of the wood give it its looks and unique character.
And as it is with wood and patterns, there is never one exactly like it. Therefor there is only one available.

Advised leadertype: Jerkbaitleader with added splitring.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0.