007 Long Glide




‘007 Long Glide’ by NK Baits (NL)

Length body 17 cm, total length with tail 31 cm  – Weight 112 gram

Slow sinking. Type Glider Jerkbait.

Easy to fish glider/jerkbait that will glide widely left and right thanks to the special fins on the backside. The backfin also assures the bait to remain more steady and keep its depth. You can fish it fast or slow and do the necessary pauses. The mounted twister tail adds another level of vibration while gliding and pausing. 

Thanks to the long profile, wide gliding and added vibration of the tail this ‘007 Long Glide’ is a brilliant glider for any big predator.

NK Baits is known to create a big variety of very effective lures with an exceptional level of painting and finish. ‘007 Long Glide’ is available in 3 different custom colours.

Advised leader type: All leadertype. Running depth 0,5-1 m. 

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 3/0. (splitrings included with the bait)


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