‘Jerkblade’ by Brushed Baits (DE)

Length 15 cm – Weight 68 gram – With willow blade and BKK trebles

Slow sinking. Type jerkbait.

Special concept jerkbait with a small willow blade at the belly. The ‘Jerkblade’ can easily be fished just with cranks on the reel, performing its left right dance. With every movement of the lure, the willow blade will spin and flutter, giving the ‘Jerkblade’ that extra attraction and added flash that is irresistible to pike.
Even on the pause and sink of the ‘Jerkblade’ the blade will flutter and trigger the pike!
The size of the willow blade is carefully chosen so the action of the jerkbait itself is not influenced, making this ‘Jerkblade’ a perfect jerkbait with an added feature like nothing out there!

Are you looking for a jerkbait that is different? Try this awesome and extremely effective ‘Jerkblade’ by Brushed Baits!

All brushed baits have custom glass carbon eyes, a color shifting paintjob and are finished in rock solid layers of epoxy.

Available in a 4 different custom colors.

Will be delivered with BKK trebles as shown in the pictures.
Leader advice: jerkbait leader/ FC/ Titanium (stiff leader preferred) .


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