MFT Jerk


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‘MFT Jerk’ by Jims Baits (SE)

Length body 10 cm –  Total Length with tail 24 cm – Weight 78 gram

Slow sinking. Type jerkbait/tailbait.

A brand-new jerkbait variation by Jims Baits with an irregular side-to-side action.

This ‘MFT Jerk’ has a built in magnet to hold the front hook in place and prevent it from tangling with the leader. Plus there are two attachment points for two different types of actions and depths. I really takes no effort to make this ‘MFT Jerk’ go left and right. With the slightest of movement of your rodtip or simply on the reel you can make this jerkbait already dance for the pikes!
The ‘MFT Jerk’ is weighted slow sink to almost suspending so on a pause it will stay longer in the strike zone, often resulting in the pike hitting this awesome handmade jerkbait!

All ‘MFT Jerk’ are painted with sponge and brush in the typical Jims Baits style, have a rattle chamber, custom made eyes and come rigged with a custom glide tail from Friskytts Beten & OK Beten.

Where does the lure and name MFT come from, you might wonder? Well, two Norwegian friends of the builder, Stian and Marcus, came to Jim with a design for a lure and afterwards Jim transformed their design into this real jerkbait with a tail. Now for the name. Stian and Marcus’ dogs are called Milo Fidus Tassen (MFT) and what could they have picked better than the capitals of man’s best friends to name this ‘MFT Jerk’!

Available in a 3 different custom colors.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0
Leader advice: jerkbait leader/ FC/ Titanium (stiff leader preferred) .

Check out the action here:

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Green Perch, Redhead, Purple Baitfish, Silver Baitfish, Zombie