Paddel Paddan


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‘Paddel Paddan’ by Billow (SE)

Length 20 cm – Weight 110 gram
Slow Sinking. Type Tailbait.
Some are executed with a rattle (+R), some without.

Incredibly easy to fish tailbait that is proven to be a big pike magnet! All you need to do is retrieve and occasionally stop. This ‘Paddel Paddan’ will do the rest.
Big body roll and a kicking tail provide the needed vibration under water and thanks to its bulky heavy duty hardbody this bait also provides the good profile to be noticed!

Chose between with (+R) or without rattle models in exclusive colors made by Billow. From classic to sparkling patterns available. And all of them are executed with a big paddletail on the backscrew. Easy to replace or change if you want/need to.

The ‘Paddel Paddan’ is one of Billow’s own favorite baits he created and loves to fish. “If I had to chose one bait for the rest of my life, this is the one”.
‘Nuff said, you need to buy it and try it! The ‘Paddel Paddan’ will not disappoint. Even we at House of Lures have caught numerous pike far over 1m on this tailbait.

Best fished over 1-5 m of water and weedbeds or add weight to bring and fish it deeper.

This lure suits beginner and pro.

Will be delivered without hooks. Hook advice 2/0.
Leader advice: 7-strand / FC

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Baitfish, Headlight, Albino Trout (+R), Bananatiger (+R), Basic (+R), Black Night (+R), Burbot (+R), Char (+R), Charpike (+R), Chartupike, Cold Burbot, Demon Burbot, Goblin (+R), Gojja, Goldrush, Kollifish (+R), Lemonhead (+R), Midnight (+R), Northern Pike (+R), Oldschool Firetiger, Perchish, Sexy Clown, Skymning (+R), Swamp Pike (+R)